Monday, May 12, 2008

8 months old! Wow how time flies!

I turned 8 months old last week. My mom says I talk all the time. I make all kinds of noises now. I can do the Indian sound and car motor, and sometimes I growl. I make a "hum" sound when I am trying to get someones attention. I still say dada and bye bye all the time. Mommy is still waiting to hear mama. She tries to get me to say it. I just smile...I holding out on her. When my dad practices his guitar, I like to practice my singing. They tell me I have got a set of lungs. My cousin Lily taught me to wrinkle my nose when I smile. Everyone thinks it is adorable. Oh I almost forgot, I have two bottom teeth now. Mom took some pictures of me on my 8 month birthday.

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Bedsole Boys said...

It takes FOREVER to get a "ma-ma"