Monday, September 15, 2008

My First Birthday

Good morning birthday girl.
Mommy made me a giant cupcake cake for my birthday.
Granddaddy and Daddy enjoying the party.
Me and Grey
So many gifts so little time...
Nate and Pop
Do a little dance, sing a little song...
Me and Lily

Me, Grey and Nate
Me and Aunt Diane (she made my birthday dress...thanks so much)
Granny, Daddy, and Me
Me, Moma Deda, Aunt Diane, and Aunt Deb
Sitting in the yard enjoying some yard football.

Nate enjoying a cupcake.

The Cousins

1 comment:

Brandi Barnes Parten said...

Amanda, the pictures are great! It looks like she had a very special birthday! You did a GREAT job on the cake! One picture that was interesting is the picture of "Grandaddy and Daddy enjoying the party". It looks like they are levitating! haha

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl!