Wednesday, November 26, 2008

14 months old

I am 14 months old now. I am walking all over the place. I love to go into the foyer and play the piano. Maybe I got some of my daddy's musical talent. I can repeat just about anything I hear these days. New favorite words - aww wee , phew wee, wooo wee, cup, shoe, baby, and dats pooh. I have started learning to pretend. Me and Daddy pretend like we are eating food from each other. I will smack on the pretend food and say mummm. I know my ears, eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, fingers, hands, toes, feet and belly button. Mommy asks me to point to them all the time. One morning I knew what was coming so I just went through all the motions and pointed at all of them before she even asked. She laughed like crazy. About a week ago, mommy came in to get me up I had dropped a bomb in my diaper. When she walked in I was saying phew wee and waving my hand because it smelled so bad. I tell you I am really catching on. Oh, I almost forgot, I got to spend the night with Memaw while my parent's went the AL/MS state game. I had so much fun.

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