Friday, January 23, 2009

Cold Days in our Pj's

It has been so cold here for the last week or so. We have stayed in our pj's a lot lately. I ended up with the croup and then my 1st ear infection. I am much better, but mommy is sick now. Since we have not been able to go outside much, I have been having to entertain myself inside. I have started turning everything that makes music on at the same time. Once they stop, I start them all again. Imagine this... Elmo singing the "hokey poky" while the barn on the fridge sings "old McDonald" while the valentine dogs sings "do you love me" ...get the picture. Mommy does not even notice it anymore, but it drives daddy crazy.

Pretending to talk to daddy on the phone
Proud owner of my first 3 molars. Yes I cut them all at the same time. One more on the way. Oh yeah, I went for my 2nd dentist visit. Not much different from the first. I screamed the minute he started looking at me. He told my mom she needed to start flossing my teeth. Who flosses a 16 month old's teeth? OK, sawyer I am sure that your daddy does yours, but who else?
"It's a shoe"

It is hard to walk in mommy's shoes.

I will try daddy's.

Happy Birthday Daddy and Aunt Dawn! I called daddy and said "happy day dada." That was the highlight of his day.
Mommy made a guitar cookie cake. It was so delicious.

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